Byron’s Tipping for Success!

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Need to haul asphalt or demolition material? Byron has the right trucks. Recently completed, the three tonne steel tipper trucks offer many advantages over other designs.

The trucks are fitted with a durable hydraulic ram – easy, quick and convenient to use along with heavy-duty tailgate lock-bars with four locking dogs to ensure an overall secure payload.

Glen Walker, Byron’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Tipper’s are often used to carry materials which cause a lot of wear and tear. Our trucks are fitted with hardwearing, high-strength steel designed to be resistant to the hard knocks it sometimes has to endure”.

The ergonomically designed in-built entry step for road side crews gives access from the front drop-side, a spacious cabinet with weatherproof channels and seals keeps all the required tools as well as a directional arrow board and warning lights.

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