Byron Helps Fight Crime By Building Mini Brawler Vans

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Byron has built 18 mini brawler vans, each fitted with the latest operational equipment, to respond quickly and effectively to defuse volatile situations.

The mini brawler vans have been purposely built and designed for state and federal police as well as large security firms to ensure greater flexibility in tackling violence.

Up to five armed officers as well as two detainees can be held in each vehicle ensuring efficient policing of activities related to street patrols, major events and crowd control.

Glen Walker, Byron’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “The detainee module is of a design that is safe and secure for the transport of prisoners but also versatile so each vehicle can be used as a ‘general duties’ vehicle every other day.”

With up-to-date appearances and improved security options how about contacting Byron for your transport needs.

For more information contact your local sales representative on 1800 754 121.

Alternatively leave us your name, email and a short message and we will get back to you.

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