The Smart Ambulance on the way for Australia in 2016

Thursday 10th December, 2015

The Smart Ambulance on the way for Australia in 2016
The ambulance of the future is about to arrive in Australia following a strategic alliance between Byron Group, Australia’s leading ambulance manufacturer, and Ferno, the global leader in emergency care solutions.

Ferno’s world-leading products in patient transport, safety and vehicle intelligence systems will be incorporated into the emergency medical vehicles that Byron Group builds and supplies to ambulance and emergency services, mining companies and the Australian Defence Force.

The Ferno and Byron Group alliance will combine technologies to create an ambulance that is a world-first, making it safer for paramedics to treat patients in transit, helping to enhance patient care and providing operational efficiencies and savings.

Leigh O’Brien, Byron Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, said today: “Ferno’s Integrated Patient Transport System (IPTS™) and Acetech vehicle intelligence systems will transform emergency medical vehicles and ensure Australia remains a world leader in ambulance manufacturing.”

“These revolutionary features will allow communication and data about the patient and the ambulance’s position to be shared with the emergency departments of hospitals in real time, like never before.

“For patients, seconds count. Information is critical. This technology will save valuable minutes in information flow to hospitals about what is happening in the back of an ambulance”.

“As well as the innovative technology, our design and engineering collaboration with Ferno means our customers will have access to a highly flexible and modular ambulance that can meet many different operating environments. That’s why we’re calling it the introduction of the Smart Ambulance,” he said.

Scott West, Director of Ferno Australia, said that Ferno’s IPTS was the result of more than five years of research and development which included world-wide consultation with medical practitioners, first responders and ambulance services.

“It provides increased global safety standards, enhancements in on-board vehicle intelligence and improvements for paramedics.

“Both Ferno and Byron Group are leaders in the emergency medical services market. By combining our efforts, we are reaffirming our passion for innovation and setting new standards,” he said.
Ferno Australia, which has supplied ambulance and emergency equipment in Australia for over 40 years, will acquire Byron Group’s DHS product division in 2016 as part of its partnership with Byron.

Glen Walker, Byron Group’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “It is a happy coincidence that the alliance with Ferno is announced in the same week as the Turnbull Government’s far-reaching Innovation Statement.

“It’s an exciting development for Byron Group’s Emergency Transport Technology (ETT) division to incorporate and enhance the impact of Ferno’s innovative system by engineering it into our ambulance design. ‘The Smart Ambulance’ is a big idea with the potential to transform emergency medical services.”

About Byron Group:
Byron Group designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality equipment and speciality vehicles for the Health, Aerospace, Emergency Response and Management industries. Byron Group is committed to the pursuit of operational excellence. Innovation is embedded in our corporate culture and continues to drive the growth of the business today.

About Ferno Australia:
Ferno Australia is the only company in Australia specialising in the manufacture and supply of a complete suite of mission critical equipment and solutions for the ambulance, emergency and rescue market. With 80 employees and facilities in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, Ferno Australia continues to actively support paramedic education and to engineer solutions that enhance paramedic safety and their work environment to assist paramedics to provide the best possible care for their patients.


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