ETT Middle East Did It Again

Friday, 22 May, 2015

Recently, due to the success of delivering 120 ambulances to Hamad Medical Centre (HMC Qatar), ETT Middle East was successful in being awarded another 165 units of the New HMC 999 EMERGENCY Ambulance along with the 3 year contract to supply after sales service to the HMC Fleet.

HMC rewarded ETT this contract due to it central manufacturing facility, (that is located in Dubai) along with the support of the design and engineering teams in Australia. ETT continue to support HMC locally with its advanced design concepts.

Pictured right is one of the 65 units of the New HMC 999 Emergency Ambulances being prepped for delivery.

The continued perseverance and hard work of the entire ETT DUBAI and ETT Australian team continues to deliver success!


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