New Fiat PTV for St Vincents

Monday 7th December 2015

New Fiat PTV for St Vincents, Break out the Muscato, the new Fiat Ducato PTV for St Vincents has hit the road and as you can see it looks pretty good with the striking St Vincents’ Livery. Internally it is also a very spacious patient transport ambulance with on board auto load auto lift stretcher, Easyfold chair with Stair decender and plenty of storage for all patient transport requirements.
Bob Morris Logistics and transport manager for St Vincents Public Hospital Sydney says: “We have had a good run with the Fiats. The drivers all like the vehicle and everyone is very impressed with the conversion by ETT. It looks really good and is very functional.”
For a busy hospital like St Vincents having reliable vehicles, is all important. The Fiat platform is just one of a range of new platforms now available for patient transport work and gives services more choice to tailor vehicles to suit specific requirements and budgets. ETT is always happy to provide unbiased ideas and advice on the best solutions for patient transport providers.


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