Title: Smart Ambulance

Description: The Smart Ambulance is the future Ambulance platform for patient transport and Emergency care. Our partnership with Ferno gives us rights to incorporate its Integrated Patient Transport System (IPTS™) and Acetech vehicle intelligence systems into the vehicles we manufacture for Australian and New Zealand ambulance services.

The new Smart Ambulance with IPTS™ installed has the potential to provide a step change in patient care, information exchange, time saving and efficiency across the entire supply chain. Our design and engineering collaboration with Ferno and Acetech also means our customers will be first to have access to a highly flexible and modular ambulance that can meet many different operating environments and vehicle configuration. These revolutionary features allow communication and data about the patient and the ambulance’s position to be shared with the emergency departments of hospitals in real time like never before. It allows emergency departments to better prepare and it also provides important information to Ambulance authorities regarding the efficiency and safety of the vehicle.

For more information please contact Leigh O’Brien or Tony Nelson at or 1800 754 121

Salesperson: Leigh O’Brien and Tony Nelson

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