Complete design, engineering & manufacturing solutions

Amplus Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Byron Group Holdings Pty Ltd. As a part of the Byron Group, Amplus Group enjoys the stability of a large and diverse manufacturing group of companies.


Amplus Group design and manufacture a unique range of truck bodies, toolboxes, trays and cargo Pantech’s. Amplus clients typically have a need for innovative design, excellent quality, and exceptional service. Our ability to meet the needs for a variety of industries (utility companies, government and fleet, building and construction, plumbing & electrical, transport and service) is the impetus behind our growing list of satisfied customers.


Our workshops feature the latest in computer assisted manufacturing processes (CAM), computer aided design (CAD), production line assembly for large volume output, and specialist assembly workshops for unique or short-run projects.


1-2 Tonne

Our range of 1-2 tonne rated bodies are designed and built to demanding standards. All floors are structural grade with various cabinet designs. A range of high quality locks, hinges and accessories are also available.

4-6 Tonne

Our range of 4-6 tonne rated bodies are designed and built to demanding standards. All floors are structural grade to allow for easy fitting of crane or tailgate, when required. A wide range of options are available, ask us to assist you with our CAD drawing service to plan your next purchase.

Emergency Services

Amplus Group have body designs specifically suited for the purpose of NSW State Emergency Service rescue bodies, including Type 1 (Road Crash Rescue/ Storm and Flood), Type 2 (Storm and Flood), Type 3 (Quick Response) and Type 2 Storm Trailer (Storm and Flood Trailer). Customised solutions are our specialty.


Amplus Group offer a range of high quality truck mounted cranes, a range of 1-90tm cranes for a wide range of applications, including marine applications.


A wide range of accessories are available on request including steps, shelving, drawers with 45, 100 or 200kg slide systems, water tanks, work lamps, reverse cameras, central locking, beacons, LED strobe lamps, ratchet straps, bottle holders, vices, racks, and part bins.

Hook Loaders

Amplus group stock a full range of tried and tested hookloaders to suit any application. Constructed from high yield steels the hookloaders offer design, strength and weight benefits to maximise stability and payload.