Complete design, engineering & manufacturing solutions

DHS Emergency is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the most advanced emergency and pre-hospital equipment available on the market today. The entire DHS Emergency range is designed to feature rugged construction, simple operation resulting in superior reliability.


Proudly Australian, DHS Emergency works hand in hand with its customers to design products specifically tailored to suit emergency service/rescue service requirements.


DHS Emergency is a wholly owned subsidiary of Byron Group Holdings Pty Ltd. As a part of the Byron Group, DHS enjoys the stability of a large and diverse manufacturing group of companies.


Our workshops feature the latest in computer assisted manufacturing processes (CAM), computer aided design (CAD), production line assembly for large volume output, and specialist assembly workshops for unique or short-run projects.


Auto Load Stretchers

Fully automated lift and load systems are available for ambulance use.

Manual Ambulance Stretchers

The legendary DHS ruggedized manual load stretcher.

Patient Handling

Carry sheets and patient slides to dual fold stretchers, scoops and easy fold chairs.

Rescue & Confined Spaces

Rescue litters, skids, extrication, device and spineboards.

Spinal Care

Carbon fibre spineboards and rigged scoop stretchers.

Medical Soft Packs

Large range of Soft Packs designed for Ambulance and emergency use.