Complete design, engineering & manufacturing solutions

ERM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Byron Group Holdings Pty Limited. As a part of the Byron Group, ERM enjoys the stability of a large and diverse manufacturing group of companies.

Our workshops feature the latest in computer assisted manufacturing processes (CAM), computer aided design (CAD), production line assembly for large volume output, and specialist assembly workshops for unique or short-run projects. With the ability to supply and service customers nationally ERM prides itself on delivering quality products and services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.


Technology is moving rapidly and not least in the world of ambulance. To this end Emergency Transport Technology is working very closely with fellow Byron Group company, Emergency Resource Management (ERM), in the development of fully integrated data management systems in ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

This includes touch screens, on screen GPS navigation, patient data, vehicle data, dispatch data and telemedicine, to name just some of the applications. In simple terms, the thinking is one system to control them all and provide relevant data as required, immediately and inter-related.

The thinking is not to “re-invent the wheel” but to create systems that can tie all the operational functional equipment together i.e. to integrate and facilitate the best possible operational outcome. Long term this will overcome the many short comings of multiple systems working as standalone and ultimately working against each other, thus creating vast inefficiencies.

ERM offers big benefits for Fleet Control, patient data control and flow, and job management through streamlined and interconnected dispatch and GPS mapping data. Furthermore, the reduction of multiple pieces of hardware can also, only be a benefit.